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2024.02.13–2024.02.16 International Symposium on Quantum Electronics 2024

2024年2月13日から2月16日まで、東京大学伊藤国際学術研究センターにて、国際シンポジウム"International Symposium on Quantum Electronics 2024"が開催されました。


Mingxuan Fuさん(特任研究員)を中心に、中辻・酒井研のメンバーはシンポジウム運営やその補助を行いました。


近藤理人さん(M1)が優秀ポスター賞(Second prize)に選ばれました。おめでとうございます!


Tomoya Higo,

"Electrical manipulation and detection of topological antiferromagnetic state in Mn3Sn-based epitaxial heterostructures"

Akito Sakai,

"Ferroic multipole order in the quadrupole Kondo lattice PrV2Al20 studied by magnetostriction and thermal expansion"

Katsuhiro Tanaka,

"First-principles study on tunnel magnetoresistance effect with antiferromagnets"


Yangming Wang,

"Anomalous Nernst effect in topological Fe3Ga1-xAlx polycrystals"

Ryota Uesugi,

"Giant anomalous Nernst effect in the epitaxial and polycrystalline films of the Weyl ferromagnet Co2MnGa"

Mihiro Asakura,

"Observation of the exchange bias at polycrystalline chiral-antiferromagnet/collinear-antiferromagnet interface"

Zhiyi Duan,

"Ti-Doping Effect in Weyl Antiferromagnet Mn3Sn"

Masahiko Yunokizaki,

"Fabrication of tunnel junction with the antiferromagnetic Weyl semimetal Mn3Sn dot down to sub-micron scale"

Yuto Kajiwara,

"Anisotropic thermoelectric properties in CaZn2Sb2 zintl compounds"

Hanshen Tsai,

"Large Hall Signal due to electrical Switching at Mn3Sn/heavy metal multilayers"

Rihito Kondo,

"Octupole polarization switching in Mn3Sn probed by magnetoresistance through magnetic tunnel junction with different sizes"

Yutaro Tsushima,

"Cr-doping effects on the magneto-thermoelectric properties of the antiferromagnetic Weyl semimetal Mn3Sn thin film"

Takuya Matsumoto,

"Magneto transport properties of Ferri magnet GdCo2"

Shunichiro Kurosawa,

"Magneto-Thermoelectric Effect in Epitaxial Thin Film of Topological Nodal Plane Kagome Ferromagnet Fe3Sn"

Po-Kuan TUNG,

"Effect of Y-doping on the high-temperature antiferromagnet Ba5Co5ClO13"

Fang Lyu,

"Development of low temperature relaxation-method calorimetry for small samples"

Hang Su,

"NbReSi: a noncentrosymmetric superconductor with large upper critical field and nodeless superconductivity"

Takachika Isomae,

"Extremely Large Magnetoresistance and Anisotropic Transport in Multipolar Kondo System PrTi2Al20"

Takuya Matsuda,

"Intense photoexcitation exposes 2000-times higher-mobility carriers in correlated kagome antiferromagnet Mn3Sn"



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