16/18T超伝導マグネットシステム 16/18/LLD-TN (Oxford Instruments)

最大16T(ラムダプレート仕様時18T)まで印加可能な超伝導マグネット。プローブは温度範囲によってVTI (300K ~1.8K)、Heliox (10K~0.25K)、希釈冷凍機 (1K~50mK) を使い分けています。サンプル空間はφ3.0cm。

PPMS (Quantum Design)

一号機:比熱、電気伝導度、熱伝導度といった基本的な物性を全自動で測定できます。 3He冷凍機インサートを用いることで、0.35 Kの極低温まで測定を行うことが可能です。二号機:電気伝導度や、熱膨張計ならびにSeebeck係数測定が可能。



3He-4He希釈冷凍機 Kelvinox MX100 (Oxford Instruments)

3He-4He混合液の希釈冷凍法により、100 mK以下の温度を定常的に保つことのできる冷凍機です。 超伝導マグネットと組み合わせることで、最大10 Tまで磁場を印加することが可能です。比熱、電気伝導、SQUID AC/DC磁化測定、誘電率測定を行うことができます。 下の写真は希釈冷凍機インサートの真空容器内部です。

SQUID磁化測定装置 MPMS-XL (Quantum Design)

超伝導量子干渉素子(superconducting quantum interference device: SQUID)を用いた高精度の 全自動磁化測定装置で、測定原理は基本的に引き抜き法と同じです。

PPMS試料試料回転用プローブ (P310A)


3He-4He希釈冷凍機 Kelvinox 25 (Oxford Instruments)

3He-4He混合液の希釈冷凍法により、100 mK以下の温度を定常的に保つことのできる冷凍機です。 超伝導マグネットと組み合わせることで、9 Tまで磁場を印加することも可能です。主に電気伝導、交流帯磁率測定に使用しています。 下の写真は希釈冷凍機インサートの真空容器内部で、最下部に取り付けてあるのは圧力セルです。

温度可変インサート付き統合型無冷媒マグネットシステム:TeslatronPT (Oxford Instruments)


温度可変インサート(VTI)(Cryo Industries)

1.5 Kから室温まで、試料空間内の温度を変化させることのできるインサート。 ここに自作した各種インサート、プローブを 組み合わせることで交流帯磁率、誘電率等の各種物性測定を行うことが可能です。

16T/18T superconducting magnets (Oxford instruments)

This high field magnet can go up to 16 T (18 T using a lambda refrigerator) and is well suited for measurements using the dilution refrigerator, the He3 Refrigerator, and the VTI.

Physical property measurement system PPMS (Quantum Design)

We have two PPMS units that allow fully-automated measurements of various physical properties, including electrical and thermal transport, specific heat, and thermal expansion. These two machines cover a wide temperature range of 0.35K - 300K and an applied magnetic field up to 9T.

High-resolution capacitive dilatometerr (Innovative Measurement Technology Kuechler)

This compact capacitive dilatometer allows high-resolution thermal expansion and magnetostriction measurements in high magnetic fields. It is sensitive to tiny sample length change on the order of 0.002nm and is adaptable to both PPSM systems and dilution refrigerators.

3He-4He dilution refrigerator MX100 (Oxford Instruments)

This dilution refrigerator can achieve an ultraslow temperature of 20mK. We can carry out various configured experiments with this it, such as specific heat, electrical resistivity, Hall effect, SQUID AC/DC magnetization, dielectric constant, and thermal expansion.

SQUID magnetometer MPMS-XL (Quantum Design)

This MPMS enables highly sensitive, fully-automated magnetization measurements. It covers a temperature range of 1.9K - 400K (800K with the oven option) and a maximum magnetic field of 7T. This is a closed-cycle system that requires no external supply of liquid helium.

Sample rotation probe for PPMS

This PPMS probe comprises a sample rotation mechanism for measuring field angle dependence of electrical transport properties.

3He-4He dilution refrigerator Kelvinox 25 (Oxford Instruments)

This dilution refrigerator reaches a base temperature of about 35 mK and ensures the thermal environment's high stability with its large cooling power (25 uW at 100 mK). It fits both the 16 T or 9 T superconducting magnets.

Cryogen free magnet with VTI (Oxford Instruments)

This magnet is cryogen-free and with a pulse-tube refrigerator. The maximum field value is 8T. The variable temperature insert (VTI) and the 3He refrigerator (Heliox-VT) can be installed into this magnet for measurements over a wide temperature range from 0. 28K to room temperature.

Variable Temperature Insert (VTI) (Cryo Industries)

This cryogenic probe can measure various physical properties such as resistivity, ac-susceptibility, and dielectric constant from room temperature down to 1.5 K.


光磁気カー効果イメージング測定装置(Quantum Design社)


高温環境真空低温プローバー GRAIL10-305-5-LV-HT-MG-R (Nagase Techno.)

機械式冷凍機を搭載しており、液体冷媒を使用せずに20 Kの低温から473 K(200 ℃)の高温まで電気・熱輸送特性の評価を行うことが可能です。

2T電磁石搭載 高真空低温多目的測定装置 (サーマルブロック社)

最大 2T の磁場を印可しながら様々な形状のサンプルを真空中、15-325 Kで測定できる装置です。サンプル自身が回転できる機構を有し、磁場方向を自由に変えられるため、磁場依存性だけでなく、磁場方向依存性の測定も可能です。

超高真空スパッター装置ES-250L (Eiko)


高周波測定真空低温プローバー GRAIL10-305-3-2RF-LV-MG-R (Nagase Techno.)



Magneto-optical Kerr effect (MOKE) Imagining measurement system (Quantum Design)

This system can measure the longitudinal, transverse, and polar magnetooptical Kerr effects in an applied magnetic field of 1.5T. It offers high-resolution magnetic-domain imagining via CCD or scanning laser microscope, and is well suited to study magnetic properties of thin films and magnetic nanostructures.

Vacuum and high-temperature probe station for electrical and thermal transport measurements (Nagase Techno.)

This prober can measure electrical and heat transport properties from 20 K to 473 K (200 ° C) without an external supply of cryogenic liquid.

Low-temperature, high-vacuum multi-purpose measurement system with a 2T magnet (Thermal Block Company)

This device can measure samples of various shapes under a high vacuum environment at 15-325 K under a magnetic field up to 2T. The sample stage rotation mechanism enables us to explore the field angle dependence of various physical properties.

Ultra-high-vacuum sputtering system (Eiko)

This sputtering system contains magnetron sputtering guns that can operate in both DC and RF mode. We simultaneously sputter seven targets, five in a revolver type sputtering gun, and two in the co-sputtering type sputtering gun.

Vacuum and cryogenic probe station for high-frequency measurements (Nagase Techno.)

This prober allows for low-noise high-frequency measurements over a wide temperature range.




Floating Zone炉

赤外線浮遊帯域溶融装置とも呼ばれ、ミラーで集光した赤外線で多結晶を溶解し単結晶を育成します。 溶融体の温度は2,200℃程度まで昇温可能です。るつぼが不要なため、不純物が入りにくく、大型の単結晶の育成が可能です。




高真空下においてアーク放電により溶解した金属間化合物の単結晶を引き上げる装置。 フラックス法とは異なり、大型の単結晶の育成が可能です。






3領域での温度制御(Max. 1,200℃.)が可能なチューブ炉。この炉では温度勾配を用いた化学輸送法による単結晶育成等が可能です。






Mono-arc furnace

This apparatus is used for the synthesis of alloys and polycrystals of intermetallic compounds. It contains a single electric arc at the top, which melts the starting materials in the argon atmosphere.

Floating zone furnance

This furnace is suited for growing high-purity large single crystals. Light focused by mirrors creates a "hot spot" at about 2,200℃ that melts the polycrystalline starting materials, forming a molten at the common focus. By translating the polycrystals or the mirrors, the molten will pass through the polycrystalline rod, leaving behind a single crystal.

Centrifugal separator

This apparatus is for removing flux from single crystals grown by the flux method at high temperatures.

Tetra-arc furnace

This apparatus is well suited for growing large single crystals of intermetallic compounds. It contains four electric arcs to melt the starting materials under a high vacuum. The material undergoes continuous rotation to ensure homogeneous melt throughout the growth process.

Changeable atmosphere horizontal furnace 

This tube-type horizontal furnace allows annealing in either vacuum or any gas environment (e.g., O2 gas). Temperature is tunable up to ~ 1,550℃.

Box Furnace

This is our most frequently used furnace that allows heating sequences up to 1,150℃.

Three-zone furnace

This is a three-zone tube furnace that has three temperature zones with precise temperature controllability. Thi furnace is used for single crystal growth by the chemical transportation method.

High-temperature vertical cylindrical furnace with a controlled atmosphere

This vertical furnace is suitable for high-temperature growth (max. 1,600 ℃) with the MoSi heating element. It contains an exhausting system that enables single crystal growth of intermetallic compounds by the flux method in oxygen-free conditions.

Welding system

We carry out various sealing and welding tasks here, such as vacuum sealing of quartz tube for crystal growth.


試料水平型X線回折装置 SmartLab-LP (理学電機)


自動X線回折装置 RINT-2100/PC (理学電機)

粉末試料にX線を照射し、その回折パターンから結晶構造に関する情報を引き出します。10 Kまで試料を冷やして測定を行うことができます。また、ラウエカメラ(後述)も搭載されています。 最大定格出力: 2kw 定格電流、電圧: 2~60mA, 20~60kV 安定度: ±0.01%以内 ターゲット: 封入管 Cu

イメージングプレート単結晶自動X線構造解析装置 R-AXIS RAPID II (理学電機)

イメージングプレートを用いた3軸の単結晶X線回折装置。ほぼ自動で単結晶の格子系 を特定してくれるため、物質開発にとって便利な装置です。

ラウエカメラ Laue X-ray Imaging System (Photonic Science)

RINT-2100の管球を使用し、単結晶の方位決定を行えます。 スクリーンにCCDセンサーを用いられているため、高感度な測定が可能です。リアルタイムにスポットが観察できます。


Horizontal sample mount X-Ray diffractometer (Rigaku)

This versatile X-ray diffractometer provides structural information of both powders and thin films. It has a powerful light source of 9kW and a hundred times higher detection sensitivity than conventional ones. It is a user-friendly system, with integrated guidance software enabling fully automated measurements.

X-ray diffractometer (Rigaku)

This X-ray diffractometer is used for determining the composition and structural information of powder samples. It has a Cu target and a maximum output of 2kW. The allowed current and voltage ranges are 2-60 mA, and 20-60 kV, respectively, and the lowest measurement temperature is 10 K.

Single-crystal X-ray diffractometer with an imaging plate(IP) detector (Rigaku)

This is a high-resolution triaxial single crystal X-ray diffractometer with a curved, large-area imaging plate detector. This system is particularly suited for small single crystals, allowing fast identification of their structure, lattice parameters, and orientation. The X-ray source is a Cu target.

Backscattering Laue X-ray imaging system (Photonic Science)

This Laue machine is used for determining the single-crystal orientations. It contains a CCD camera (Photonic Science) that allows fast image acquisition with high resolution, and a goniometer with an accuracy of 1 degree. The X-ray source is a RINT-2100, W target.