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大学院での進学先として中辻・酒井研に興味をお持ちのかたは、中辻 ( または酒井 ( までお気軽にご連絡ください。











Empowering the next-generation of quantum science experts

Making real-world impact

We always welcome applications from international students with diverse academic and cultural backgrounds. Here we would like to give a few advertisements for our group.

  • Our research topics and expertise have excellent breadth and depth. Don’t worry if you are unsure about your interests and strength at the starting of the graduate program, as you may find an exciting trajectory for yourself while exploring a broad spectrum of research topics, techniques, and collaborative opportunities.

  • Our top-notch experimental efforts are well-known worldwide, and many of our research projects involve global collaborations. You will have chances to learn from world-leading experts in condensed matter physics and related fields, as well as presenting your work at international conferences. 

  • Our group is diverse, with English being the second official language. The success of the team is linked to contributions from many international students and researchers. We work hard to create an inclusive workspace that minimizes the frustration of language barriers and cultural differences. Feel free to reach the international members in our group if you wonder about their experiences of living, studying, and conducting research in Japan (their contact information is in the member page).

  • Our students stand out from scholarship competitions. There are a variety of graduate scholarship available for international students in Japan. Nearly half of our international students are scholarship holders, and you may become the next one.​

If you are interested in joining our group, please email Prof. Satoru Nakatsuji (

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