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Emergent Properties and Quantum Transport

in Topological Materials.

Recent years have seen a plethora of exciting discoveries that rapidly expand the frontiers of quantum material research. The concept of topology begins to revolutionize our understanding of the emergent properties of matter such as magnetism and superconductivity – meanwhile, the novel topological materials may form the basis for conceptually new spintronics and thermoelectric applications. Moreover, emergent phenomena in quantum materials provide an excellent experimental platform to explore emergent quasiparticles that behave like the ever-elusive elementary particles, such as the magnetic monopole and the Weyl fermion, thereby boosting the development of the cosmology-driven condensed matter theory and quantum information technology. Our research activities focus on designing and synthesizing new materials with emergent quantum properties that have never been seen before, then exploring the physics behind such properties with our world-leading measurement facilities. We aim to lead the innovative quest for new quantum materials that bear a far-reaching impact not only on basic science but also on our everyday life in the future.



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