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Unlocking Puzzles of Quantum Materials 

Innovative Functionalities



Recent years have seen a plethora of exciting discoveries that rapidly expand the frontiers of quantum material research. The concept of topology begins to revolutionize our understanding of the emergent properties of matter, such as magnetism and superconductivity – meanwhile, the novel topological materials may form the basis for conceptually new spintronics and energy-harvesting applications. Moreover, emergent phenomena in quantum materials provide an excellent experimental platform to explore emergent quasiparticles that behave like the ever-elusive elementary particles, such as the Weyl fermion and magnetic monopole, thereby merging quantum materials research with cosmology and quantum information. Our research activities focus on designing and synthesizing new materials with macroscopic quantum properties and functionalities that have never been seen before, in both bulk and thin-film form. We then explore their physics with our wide-ranging measurement facilities, combined with theoretical modeling. We aim to lead the innovative quest for new quantum materials that bear a far-reaching impact not only on basic science but also on our everyday life in the future.

If you have an interest in Nakatsuji–Sakai Lab., please feel free to send an e-mail to Satoru Nakatsuji ( or Akito Sakai (

Research Introductory Videos and Articles

Please check out the following YouTube videos and commentary articles that feature our research.

​Topological Materials and

Phantom Particles






✗ ドジョウ【CV.梶裕貴】



  1. JST news 2021年9月号 (DOWNLOAD)

  2. 応用物理第90巻4号(2021年) 「トポロジカル磁性体が拓ひらく新たな応用展開」(DOWNLOAD)

  3. 固体物理2020年11月号「磁気八極子によるワイル磁性体の巨大磁気応答制御」 (DOWNLOAD)

  4. まぐね13巻5号(2018年) 「トポロジーを利用した反強磁性スピントロニクスとエネルギーハーベスティング」(DOWNLOAD)

  5. 応用物理第86巻(2017年) 「反強磁性体における巨大異常ホール効果」(DOWNLOAD)

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