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Leading industry-academia collaborations
Achieving business success

Our research has the potential to spark innovations in diverse areas. We heartily welcome industrial partnerships and donations to transform our cutting-edge discoveries to highly-functional and affordable products. Together, let us achieve breakthrough technologies and create a future that looks brighter than the present.

【Current application-oriented research themes】

【Ongoing innovative research projects】

  • Strategic Basic Research Programs (CREST) “Functional Magnets and Devices based on Topological Electronic Structures

    • Design of topological magnets, development of their spin conversion technology and innovative memory devices, etc.

  • NEDO Research Program of Innovative Energy and Environmental Technologies (adopted in 2019)“Development of Thermoelectric Devices using Weyl magnets”

    • Development of thermoelectric module, heat flow sensors and measurement systems using magnetic thermoelectric effect

For inquiries or further information, please email Satoru Nakatsuji (

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