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Our research achievements are featured on JST webpage

Research results conducted by Prof. Nakatsuji and our Group members (and also with our nice collaborators) are featured on the webpage of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), entitled "World-leading study of topological antiferromagnets". Please have a look at it!

Particularly, four of our results are featured in detail (the following headlines are from the webpage above):

(1) Demonstration of ultrafast spin dynamics in topological antiferromagnetic metals

Related publication:

S. Miwa, S. Iihama, T. Nomoto, T. Tomita, T. Higo, M. Ikhlas, S. Sakamoto, Y. Otani, S. Mizukami, R. Arita, S. Nakatsuji,

"Giant effective damping of octupole oscillation in an antiferromagnetic Weyl semimetal"

(2) Piezomagnetic effect allows information writing in antiferromagnet memory devices

Related publication:

M. Ikhlas, S. Dasgupta, F. Theuss, T. Higo, S. Kittaka, B. J. Ramshaw, O. Tchernyshyov, C. W. Hicks, S. Nakatsuji,

"Piezomagnetic switching of anomalous Hall effect in an antiferromagnet at room temperature"

(3) World's first current control of the perpendicular binary states in antiferromagnets

Related publication:

T. Higo, K. Kondou, T. Nomoto, M. Shiga, S. Sakamoto, X. Chen, D. Nishio-Hamane, R. Arita, Y. Otani, S. Miwa, S. Nakatsuji,

"Perpendicular full switching of chiral antiferromagnetic order by current"

(4) Discovery of quantum tunneling magnetoresistance at room temperature

Related publication:

X. Chen, T. Higo, K. Tanaka, T. Nomoto, H. Tsai, H. Idzuchi, M. Shiga, S. Sakamoto, R. Ando, H. Kosaki, T. Matsuo, D. Nishio-Hamane, R. Arita, S. Miwa, and S. Nakatsuji,

"Octupole-driven magnetoresistance in an antiferromagnetic tunnel junction"

Prof. Nakatsuji is the Research Director of the JST-CREST project "Functional Magnets and Devices based on Topological Electronic Structure" in the research area of "Creation of Core Technology based on Topological Materials Science for Innovative Devices" and the Program Manager of the JST-Mirai Program "Innovation of Photoelectric Technologies using Spintronics" (Large-scale Type).

The above webpage ( is released to introduce the Research Results of these projects.


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