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SCES Conference Trip in Incheon, Korea

Five members of our research team, Prof. Satoru Nakatsuji, Dr. Akito Sakai, Dr. Mingxuan Fu, Dr. Takachika Isomae, and Mr. Shunichiro Kurosawa showcased their research at the International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems 2023 (SCES 2023), held in Incheon, Korea on July 2-7. 2023. Aside from the enriching conference experience, the members also take this opportunity to explore the vibrant city of Seoul and Korean cuisine. Below are the details of the research presentations:

Satoru Nakatsuji (Plenary talk)

"Topological Magnetic Phases and Spintronic Functionalities"

Akito Sakai, Mingxuan Fu, Takachika Isomae, Yasuhiro Nagaoka, Masaki Tsujimoto, Satoru Nakatsuji (Contributed talk)

"Unveiling Multipole Ordering in PrV2Al20 by Magnetostriction and Thermal Expansion"

Mingxuan Fu, Akito Sakai, Takachika Isomae, Masaki Tsujimoto, Satoru Nakatsuji (Poster Presentation)

"Strange Metals and Quantum Criticality Driven by Entanglement of Multipolar Moments and Conduction Electrons"

Takachika Isomae, Akito Sakai, Mingxuan Fu, Takanori Taniguchi, Masashi Takigawa, Satoru Nakatsuji (Poster Presentation)

"Unsaturated Large Linear Magnetoresistance in the Quadrupolar Kondo Lattice System PrTi2Al20"

Shunichiro Kurosawa, Muhammad Ikhlas, Mingxuan Fu, Satoru Nakatsuji (Poster Presentation)

"Effect of Excess Mn on the Magneto-transport Properties in Weyl Antiferromagnet Mn3Sn"


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